AGL has announced that it has lodged a scoping report with the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for a grid-scale battery system at its Liddell Power Station site. The Liddell Battery project is part of the company’s target to develop 850 MW multi-site integrated battery systems by FY24. The said integrated battery system will be located alongside the existing 2 GW coal-powered thermal power station that has four 500 MW steam driven turbine alternators. The said project is in support of its Climate Statement commitments of the company to continue to invest in new sources of power.

AGL’s support of grid-scale battery projects also include Wandoan (100 MW), Maoneng (4 x 50 MW) and Dalrymple (30 MW). Moreover, plans are also being developed for a battery connected to Torrens Island Power Station site in Adelaide while more sites are under consideration. To this end, AGL has invited select suppliers to participate in the tender for procurement of the grid-scale batteries. Meanwhile, the company is carrying out assessments to incorporate new technology options that will provide flexible generation and storage. The plan to invest in large-scale batteries is part of AGL’s commitment to firming technology and is also in sync with the Federal Government’s National Technology Investment Roadmap.

“Battery storage is critical to enhance the energy system’s flexibility and support the ongoing integration of renewable sources to the NEM,” Markus Brokhof, Chief Operating Officer, AGL said. He added, “it removes one of the biggest limiting factors of renewables, by providing electricity anytime but particularly during peak demand.”