GE Renewable Energy and Polish oil refiner PKN Orlen have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together and to support the offshore wind projects in Poland. According to statements issued by each company, GE Renewable Energy’s expertise will help Orlen compete for additional offshore wind leases in Poland. The agreement also charts a path to take pragmatic steps that can take full advantage of Poland’s substantial offshore wind resources to create win-win outcomes in terms of the environment and economic development.

GE Renewable Energy is not the only turbine maker preparing for Poland’s imminent offshore wind development. Moreover, In Poland, GE Renewable Energy has erected over 300 onshore wind turbines with a total capacity of around 900 MW. The company’s subsidiary LM Wind Power employs around 1,000 workers at its onshore wind turbine blade manufacturing site in Goleniow.

PKN Orlen looks to invest up to PLN 47 billion in renewable energy sources, including 2.5 GW of offshore wind, leading up to 2030 Earlier this year, it secured a Contract for Difference of the 1.2 GW Baltic Power offshore wind farm which is it developing in conjunction with Northland Power. It plans to acquire additional sites in future concession procedures.

The country aims to award up to 10.9 GW of offshore wind projects by 2030, with a total capacity of 28 GW by 2050. The country is also well-positioned to serve the broader efforts to develop offshore wind in the Baltic region.