European Energy has chosen GE Renewable Energy as the provider for three more wind farms in Lithuania. Two of these wind farms will be in Telsiai and one in Rokiskis in the country’s north. The project will use 34 onshore wind turbine units from GE and have a capacity of 187 MW. Following the installation of the new wind turbines, GE will run a total of 56 Cypress units in the nation, following a previous contract for 22 turbines at three wind farms announced in November 2020.

The six wind farms will have a combined capacity of 308 MW, adding 57 percent to the country’s existing wind power generation. A 25-year full-service contract is also included in the agreement. The Cypress turbines will be operated at 5.5 MW, with a rotor diameter of 158 m and blades supplied by LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable Energy company. All turbines will be installed on a 151-meter tower.

Lithuania has set a target of generating 100 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2050. In Lithuania, 23 wind farms with a total capacity of 480 MW are now operational. Today, there is a total of 540 MW of wind power deployed, including individual wind turbines. The first three projects announced in November 2020 will have wind turbines by the second half of 2021 and the next three will be built in 2022. European Energy began building its first wind farm in Lithuania, Anyksciai, in 2021, with a capacity of 49.5 MW.

The Cypress onshore wind platform will provide considerable increases in Annual Energy Production (AEP), better efficiency in service capability, and, ultimately, more value for consumers.