German Federal Network Agency, Bundesnetzagentur, announced the auction results for the 250 MW solar innovation auction. Sixteen solar plus storage projects with a combined capacity of 156 MW have won the auction. 

The weighted average tariff of the projects allocated was $0.0532/kWh, which was higher than the previous round’s rate of $0.0501/kWh. The winning bidders’ lowest bid for the solar plus storage combination was $0.0466/kWh, while the highest bid was $0.064/kWh.

The auction was undersubscribed. While 23 bids representing nearly 250 MW were filed only 16 bids with a total volume of 156 MW were successful due to the volume control. Six bids were rejected owing to mistakes. In December 2020, the agency auctioned 664 MW of wind and solar projects.

For its 256.9 MW solar tender, the agency got 45 bids totalling 264.15 MW of solar projects. The lowest price for the solar tender was $0.059/kWh, while the highest bid was $0.064/kWh. The tender’s average quoted price was $0.062/kWh.