Germany and Egypt have decided to step up their partnership by signing a declaration of intent for the production of green hydrogen ahead of the COP 27 climate summit. This should provide an opportunity for a structured discussion with companies and other relevant individuals to facilitate the exchange of advanced technologies, harmonise the regulatory structure, and make clear financing-related issues.

Reportedly, the collaboration has been formed with the aim of encouraging the expansion of the green hydrogen industry as well as assisting in the implementation of projects for the production, processing, use, and transportation of green hydrogen. The two countries will also work together to advance collaborative research and investment projects pertaining to hydrogen and its production, transportation, and usage. 

Germany will assist Egypt in accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to climate friendly energy through the energy partnership, ensuring that exports of green hydrogen from the North African country would help it fulfil a portion of its needs in the future. To further diversify Germany’s energy imports, the countries also inked a second declaration for the supply of liquefied natural gas to the European nation.