Neoen, a French renewable energy producer,  has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement with the consortium formed by Heineken, Philips, Signify, and Nouryon for the supply of 126 MW of additional wind power in Europe. The electricity will be produced by installing additional capacities in the upcoming Mutkalampi wind farm which is owned by Neoen. The consortium pushed for the development of the additional capacity which will see an extra 35 wind turbines be built on the firm. The project is scheduled for completion by 2023 and is expected to cut CO2 emissions to the tune of 230,000 tonnes a year. The wind farm is also expected to supply 330 GWh of electricity in a given year which is equivalent to the power needs of 40,000 households in Finland.

The four companies in the consortium have a common goal to reduce CO2 emissions to support the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal objectives. Through the deal, Heineken will source renewable electricity for 31 additional production sites in Europe, Nouryon will make considerable progress in reducing its  CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by 2025, Philips obtains renewable electricity supply for its European operations, and Signify solidifies its position of 100 per cent renewable electricity use.

The current deal takes Neoen’s total installed capacity in Finland will exceed 500 MW. Neoen has also penned a power purchase agreement with Google for 125 MW of wind power capacities. The park’s total capacity will now exceed its initial proposed capacity of 250 MW to reach 404 MW.