LOC China, a subsidiary of the AqualisBraemar LOC Group has been awarded a contract to provide marine warranty survey services for the Xuwen offshore wind farm. The services will include transportation, installation and construction operations.

The project will be located off the shore of South Guangdong, China. LOC China will take up the installation of 95 turbines having a combined capacity of 600 MW. As per the agreement, LOC China will review the procedural documentation and site attendance, as well as approve marine operations and provide marine assurance and risk survey services for the suitability of the support and construction fleet. The completion of the project is expected to take place by the end of 2021.

The contract, signed towards the end of the year 2020, is the eighth offshore wind farm contract awarded to LOC China that year. With this, LOC China’s contribution would reach a total capacity of 3.9 GW across 14 offshore wind projects in China. AqualisBraemar LOC ASA is a leading independent global marine, engineering and adjusting consultancy for the renewable, maritime, oil & gas and power sectors.

China plans to phase out its feed-in-tariffs after 2021, which is expected to further propel onshore and offshore wind power development in the country. In Asia, China has a share exceeding 94 per cent in terms of current operational offshore wind capacity. Having already surpassed its target of 5 GW by 2020, China currently has about 6 GW of offshore wind capacity.