McDonald’s plans to finance three renewable projects in the United States. The company has already completed new virtual power purchase agreements for developing up two wind farms and a set of solar projects. These projects will be constructed across Illinois, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Ohio. McDonald’s’ share of the projects will reduce its yearly emissions by more than 2.5 million metric tonnes.

McDonald’s had earlier signed power purchase agreement for a solar and a wind farm in 2019. When put together, McDonald’s share in the five projects adds up to a cumulative capacity of about 1,130 MW. The power generation capacity is sufficient for meeting the electricity demand of about 8,000 restaurants. All the projects are expected to be operational over the next three years. The resulting emission reduction will help the company reach halfway towards achieving its 2030 climate action goal. Further, The three new projects will collectively create 3,400 short-term jobs and 135 long-term roles.

McDonald’s USA has been one of the country’s top renewable energy purchasers since 2008. Other major players include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Target and PepsiCo. Although the United States had withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, many businesses are still forging ahead with their clean energy targets. Further, the government shift in the coming years may work in favour of the country’s and individual businesses’ climate action efforts.