Oceanus Power & Water LLC, through its subsidiary Oceanus Energia y Agua de Sudamerica SpA, has announced a cooperation agreement with EDF renewables to explore various possibilities and conditions to develop the world’s first Integrated Pump Hydro Reverse Osmosis Clean Energy System (IPHROCES) in Latin America, with a primary focus in the Andean Region.

The project aims to integrate seawater pumped hydro energy storage and reverse osmosis desalination. It has the potential to provide low-cost, long-duration energy storage by storing excess wind and solar energy for delivery during peak demand periods. Further, the project will also supply potable desalinated water to the region.

The power generation sector in Latin America is going through a rapid transition toward the decarbonization of the grid. The region also represents one of the most affected regions by climate change and with growing concerns about the decreasing resilience and security of water supplies. The current solution could provide material economic and environmental benefits that cannot be cost-effectively achieved independently. The IPHROCES project is could potentially help regions and countries proactively address some of the growing challenges of climate change at the utility-scale.

Oceanus is an infrastructure development company focusing on delivering water and energy security to impacted regions. The company focuses on the integration of three proven technologies: saltwater reverse osmosis desalination pumped hydropower storage and renewable energy​.