In the latest auction conducted by Poland’s Energy Regulatory Office, 800 MW of solar and 900 MW of wind capacities were allocated. The ERO had received 127 bids which included 64 bids for wind projects and 63 bids for solar projects. 96 bids submitted by 70 renewable energy developers were selected and a total of 46.3 TWh of capacity worth $3.83 billion was sold in the auction. The lowest auction price was recorded at $0.051 per kWh, and the maximum price was recorded at $0.07 per kWh. The winning bidders will be granted a 15-year contract-for-difference and will have 33 months for wind and 24 months for solar installations to start selling the contracted electricity.

In August 2020, Poland announced that it would allocate 2.2 GW of renewable energy through auctions for projects to be developed in  2021. The current auction had recorded the lowest tariff which was 7.5 per cent than the lowest tariff recorded in a similar auction held in 2019 in which 78 TWh of energy worth $4.43 billion was allocated. The lowest tariff discovered in the auction was $0.04 per kWh, and the highest was $0.06 per kWh.

In September 2020,  the European Investment Bank announced $3.65 billion in funding for renewable energy projects across Europe and worldwide. This was part of the bank’s $15.3 billion plan for funding transport, clean energy, and urban development. In December 2020, Better Energy signed a deal with Industriens Pension to develop 1 GW of solar projects in Denmark and Poland. In November 2020, R.Power received funding of $145 million from  Santander and mBank to develop solar plants in Poland with a total capacity of 183 MW.