Precinct Capital and Edify have proposed a 28 MW battery storage project in New South Wales. The project is set to occupy 1.5 acres in the Mayfield Steel River Industrial Estate in the City of Newcastle. The battery will charge and discharge directly from the grid and is expected to improve stability as renewable energy use is increased. Further, the storage system will occupy 2500 square metres and will include supporting infrastructures such as climate-controlled energy storage enclosures and grid connection. If approved, the battery is expected to take six to eight months to be commissioned and would create 20-30 jobs in the city.

The project is also expected to boost Newcastle’s prospects in meeting their renewable energy targets. It is aligned with the city of Newcastle’s objectives as specified in its Climate Action Plan through renewable energy supported resilience through an MW scale battery storage. The city is regarded as one of the leaders in sustainability in Australia. The city aims to supply 100 per cent of its energy needs through renewable energy in the next five years.

Edify is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy and storage investment companies i. The company was in charge of the development of the Gannawarra Energy Storage System in Victoria. Edify has developed projects with a total installed capacity of 795 MW and invested about $1.5 billion in the clean energy sector.