India is a resource-rich and diverse country. Many of its states are comparable to countries in the European Union in terms of area, population, and diversity of resources. Thus, a one-size-fits-all approach will not be appropriate as each state and Union Territory (UT) differ in terms of culture, geography, and use of energy resources. It is imperative for each state and UT to have its own policy to harness its potential and capability.

Apart from policy formulation, it is also important to track the progress of the implementation of these policies. The State Energy and Climate Index (SECI) is the first index that aims to track the efforts made by states and UTs in the climate and energy sector. It is hoped that an in-depth analysis of individual states will help in enhancing the service delivery on various parameters of energy. These parameters have been devised keeping in mind India’s goals for climate change and clean energy transition.

The report can be downloaded here