Dutch transmission systems operator, TenneT has announced that it will launch tenders for the development of grid connections with a transmission capacity of 2 GW. The project will ensure supporting infrastructure for the upcoming offshore wind projects in Europe. Under the first tender, transmission infrastructure for at least two projects will be developed in the Ijmuiden Ver wind area in the Netherlands which will be operational in 2028 and 2029. The following tenders will cover the BalWin 1 which will be operational in 2029 and also the BalWin 2 and BalWin 3 which will be operational by 2030. The projects will use a 525 kV HVDC system which is currently in the R&D phase, will be developed by cable manufacturers.

The current project is aimed at decreasing the costs of offshore wind and minimise the spatial and environmental impact of such projects. TenneT has also designed a generic platform has been designed to enable interoperability of the proprietary solutions offered by all HVDC suppliers participating in the R&D phase. The standard is expected to double the capacity in comparison as compared to the previous 900 MW HVDC standard and make strides forwards in the deployment of offshore in Germany and the Netherlands.

The new transmission standard will create adequate supporting infrastructure with a trend of larger offshore wind farms and a North Sea wide Hub-and-Spoke system, combining wind power connection, the coupling of energy markets through interconnection, and smart integration into the main onshore grids.