The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), a government institution responsible for the promotion and development of renewable energy in Egypt, plans to implement solar and wind energy projects with a cumulative capacity of 3,170 MW.

The projects under consideration are wind farms with a total capacity of 2,200 MW and solar power plants with a combined capacity of 970 MW. The projects will improve access to electricity in the country.

The Egyptian government has a plan to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy production mix by 20 per cent by 2022, with the possibility of doubling it by 2035.

The NREA has also been studying the construction applications for several solar photovoltaic and wind power plants with a cumulative capacity of 6.34 GW in the country. Of these, 2.75 GW of projects will be developed by the private sector.

According to Mohamed El-Khayyat, the director of NREA, the projects include 250 MW of wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 170 MWp owned by the public sector. The projects also include wind farms with a capacity of 1,950 MW and solar photovoltaic plants of 800 MWp capacity initiated by the private sector.

While these renewable energy projects have been recently announced, several other projects are already under implementation in the country.