The results of the 300 kW rooftop PV system have now been disclosed by the German Federal Network Agency. The government agreed to evaluate 168 proposals totalling 213 MW and chose 114 projects totaling 152 MW, which is 2 MW more than it had intended to allocate. The final costs varied from €0.0535 to €0.0789 per kWh, with an average price of €0.0688.

The German authorities also stated that the procurement for ground-mounted PV plants larger than 750 kW in size has ended, with a total capacity of 513 MW and a final average price of €0.050 per kWh given. The Federal Network Agency had received 242 proposals totalling 1.13 GW and had allocated 13 MW more than it had intended. 

Solar PV continues to be a critical component of the country’s energy transformation. While Germany is presently experiencing a significant increase in residential PV installations. Industry groups are now pushing for the country’s solar objective to be increased from 100 to 150 GW by 2030.

There is another technology-specific procurement this year for each of the two photovoltaic sectors. The next critical date for ground-mounted systems is November 1, with a tentative capacity of 509.52 MW. The second round of roof system bids, with a targeted capacity of 150 MW, will be held on December 1.