The last two years have seen an increased focus on net zero emissions energy systems. To achieve this goal, even the most difficult to abate sectors need to be tackled. Hydrogen can complement electrification and energy efficiency in achieving this goal. Green hydrogen can link the renewable electricity with those applications that are difficult to electrify, while providing flexibility to the power system. Yet, today, most of the policies are targeted to the transport sector. A broader policy support will be fundamental for hydrogen to achieve its future potential as an ubiquitous energy carrier. The webinar presented key takeaways from the recent IRENA report Green Hydrogen: A Guide to Policy Makers and highlighted the policy pillars to transition green hydrogen from niche to mainstream. These include building national hydrogen strategies, identifying policy priorities, guarantees of origin and enabling policies.

Featured speaker:

  • Emanuele Bianco, Knowledge and policy, IRENA

Presentation slides can be accessed here.