Microsoft has partnered with Potentia and Greengate on the Paintearth Wind project in Canada under a power purchase agreement (PPA). Microsoft will purchase approximately 543 GWh of renewable energy per year from the wind facility in Alberta’s Paintearth County as part of the 15-year PPA. 

Potentia Renewables, a subsidiary of Power Sustainable, owns 75 per cent of the wind farm, with Greengate Power, a privately held renewable energy firm based in Calgary, Alberta, owning the other 25 per cent. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and construction on the site started  in September 2022.

In June 2022, Amplus Solar signed a long-term agreement with Microsoft for a 100 MW solar project that is under development in Rajasthan, India. The strategic alliance aims at co-innovating digital solutions supporting Petronas’ decarbonisation goals.

REGlobal’s Views: Many large corporates are now increasingly switching to renewable power procurement from conventional grid-based power. This helps them to achieve their net zero goals and also provides them energy security. Moreover, renewable power has become cheaper than grid power in many parts of the world, and thus, it ensures cost savings for corporates as well.