Now that many countries in the world have been turning towards a new era of economy with massive deployment of renewables, offshore wind power is the energy technology currently drawing the most attention. In Japan too, the introduction of offshore wind has begun and in 2021 developers were chosen for large-scale projects totaling 1.67 GW. At the same time, however, following the need for improvements in the current tendering system raised by various stakeholders, the government moved up to extend the Round 2 public tender deadline and is now reforming the system.

For Japan, which must build its offshore wind industry from the ground up, to harness the momentum of this global market expansion, it needs to quickly establish the market conditions that allow for diverse players, both overseas and domestic, to be actively involved. Renewable Energy Institute released “Recommendations on Accelerating the Offshore Wind Power in Japan: To Create a Fair and Transparent Competitive Environment”. This recommendation paper summarizes the measures needed to ensure fair competition and create a stable, transparent business environment, focusing primarily on issues related to the zone designation system and project developer selection system. The recommendations stem from discussions with offshore wind power developers in various positions.

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