The 4th India-Australia Energy Dialogue was conducted on February 15, 2022, during which a letter of intent on new and renewable energy technology was signed between India and Australia. According to the government’s statement, this letter of intent will pave the path for lowering the cost of innovative and renewable energy technology and scaling up deployment to reduce global emissions faster. The goal of this letter of intent is to scale up the production and deployment of ultra-low-cost solar and clean hydrogen projects.

According to the statement, there is a pressing need to focus on technological advancements and the clean energy transition. Energy efficiency technologies, grid management, research, and development collaboration on flue gas desulphurisation, biomass or hydrogen co-firing, water cycle optimisation, renewables integration, batteries, and electric mobility are all part of the approved forward action plan in this context.

The energy ministers spoke in-depth on the current energy transition initiatives in their countries, with an emphasis on renewables, energy efficiency, storage, electric vehicles, essential minerals, and mining, among other subjects. India has also emphasised the need for climate finance in achieving developing country energy transition targets.