The paper “Producing high quality biodiesel from used cooking oil in Indonesia” has been prepared by the International Council on Clean Transportation.

The biodiesel program in Indonesia, initiated in 2008, has seen its blending rate gradually increase from 2.5% to 35% by 2023. Initially focused on public service obligation (PSO) in the transport sector, the program aimed to explore different biodiesel feedstocks including jatropha, crude palm oil (CPO), and used cooking oil (UCO).

This working paper focuses on the technical feasibility of producing high-quality biodiesel from UCO in Indonesia. It discusses various processes, including pretreatment, transesterification, post-production purification, and the use of antioxidants to maintain biodiesel quality during storage. Comparisons between UCO and CPO biodiesel production costs suggest that UCO biodiesel can be cost-competitive, given proper pre- and post-treatment methods.

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