Trina Solar, a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic equipment, has planned to build a 5 GW photovoltaic module factory in Texas, entailing an investment of over $200 million. The property and necessary equipment are both included in the proposed investment.

According to the plan, the company will manufacture its Vertex modules at the new manufacturing facility using polysilicon that is sourced from the US and Europe and 210-mm large-size wafers. The facility will be situated in the Dallas County town of Wilmer and have a floor area of more than a million square feet. Furthermore, it is anticipated that it will begin operations the following year and hire 1,500 people. Reportedly, Trina’s goal in building this facility is to start creating an ecosystem of American manufacturing that can serve the burgeoning US solar market.

In April 2023, Trina Solar agreed to supply 500 MW of solar modules to Al-Raebi for trading in Yemen. In accordance with the contract, Trina Solar provided 100 MW of Vertex N modules in 2023. As per the company’s statement, its upgraded Vertex N series modules boosted the module’s efficiency to 22.4 per cent and raised its power to 605 W and 695 W for utility settings, commercial and industrial photovoltaic applications, and residential and commercial photovoltaic applications.

REGlobal’s Views: The passage of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act with its attractive tax credits has led to a large number of investments in the solar module manufacturing space. Many players have announced plans to set up new facilities to cater to the US market. Increasing geopolitical concerns, trade barriers and supply chain considerations have prompted many foreign players to set up manufacturing bases in the lucrative US market.