Source: Repsol

Repsol plans to set up two industrial decarbonization projects with the participation of Spanish and international partners. The projects will be located in the port of Bilbao and its surrounding area and will attract a combined initial investment of approximately Euro 80 million.

The first project, in which Euro 60 million will initially be invested, involves the development of green hydrogen production plants.

For green hydrogen plants, Repsol’s partners include Petronor and the Energy Agency of the Basque Government, a public-sector leader for projects facilitating energy transition.

In the first phase, which may be scaled up commercially depending on the results, 50 barrels of synthetic fuel will be produced per day, with net zero emissions of CO2 in the entire production cycle. The conceptual engineering of the green hydrogen plant for Petronor will begin in 2020 and the project will be fully operational within the next four years. The second project, which will be located next to the first one, will represent an initial investment of EURO20 million. This project too will be led by Petronor, and will involve the generation of gas from urban waste. The generated gas will be used to replace part of the traditional fuels used by the refinery in its production process.