Rolls-Royce Holdings and German renewables developer ABO Wind AG have completed a crossbreed solar and battery nuclear power facility in Bavaria, Germany, capable of producing 10,000 MWh per year. In addition to avoiding about 6,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the generation can meet the needs of about 3,000 three-person homes. The UK aerospace company’s Power Solutions division also announced that it had given ABO Wind’s newest solar farm in Bavaria a 2.9 MW/5.8 MWh mtu EnergyPack QG battery storage system.

The project adds to three various other ABO Wind solar ranches, situated in Rhineland-Palatinate as well as Hesse, for which Rolls-Royce has actually delivered batteries– two of 1.5 MW/2.13 MWh each and also one smaller sized storage centre of 0.71 MWh. All plants are supported by the German federal government’s technology tenders.

In July 2022, ABO Wind sold the Buffalo Plains Wind Farm project rights in Alberta, Canada, to an undisclosed investor. The 514.6 MW wind farm would be turned over to the investor once it is ready to be built. On a 17,500-acre plot of land, the Buffalo Plains Wind Farm would be constructed. The Alberta Utility Commission granted them permission to install 83 wind turbines and connect them to the public power grid.